My name is Prajith P, I work with an awsome company called Ndimensionz Pvt Ltd as a Linux System/Server administrator since 2011. I love everything about the web, except Windows OS :D. I love creating new things with Perl and Mojolicious, also, I interested in computer security and Penetration testing. Want to know more about me? then, here comes my geek code(v3.1)

GCS d- s: a-- C++ UC++++ P++++ L+++ E--- W++ N* o K- w--- O-- M- V- !PS !PE Y+ PGP- t 5? X? R? tv++ b+ DI D? G+ e+ h !r !y(+++)>+



  • Feb 2016 - Today

    5 years at Ndimensionz :)

  • Feb 2011

    Started working at Ndimensionz


Drop me an email if you are interested in me coding/Linux Administration for you or saving your neighborhood!